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Strength isn’t always found in size, age or numbers. Sometimes it’s found in steady reliability. A quiet resolve.

Since 1977, Joseph M. Cucinotta and his staff have continually served the tax preparation and financial structuring needs of our community with their unique approach and personal care.  Expertise in taxation allows them to tailor portfolios to each client, while minimizing any tax burden. Their commitment has earned a high level of trust throughout the community. The entire staff provides a welcoming atmosphere wherein even new clients feel like old friends.   Our team is dedicated to letting your financial freedom ring.


Viewing ourselves as a comprehensive financial and retirement planning firm, our mission is to help our clients make smart investment and financial decisions through professional relationships based on uncompromising integrity, and personalized service. We accomplish this mission by offering advisory services to help clients prioritize and attain their life goals.


Accepting the challenge, we want to earn every client’s trust by proving we will listen, so as to understand their needs and demonstrate our commitment to give advice designed to address those needs.


Looking to provide assurance to our clients of our desire to work closely with them, we will address all of their ongoing financial planning needs and instill in them, confidence in our ability to create a retirement plan to carry our clients to and through their retirement.


Unending, is our dedication to making our clients feel comfortable in committing to a relationship with us, while having confidence that we are a trustworthy, caring team who will always have their best interest at heart.

Excellence in service, the critical element for maintaining life-long, valuable relationships with our clients. We strive to not only meet our commitments and client expectations but to exceed them on every level and deliver exceptional value.

Independence Retirement Advisors, Financial Advisors, Pennsylvania
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